Where and how you decide to wear your rings can say a lot about you and the kind of person you are.  Leaving culture and traditions aside (this is another subject), here is what you need to know about fingers and their meanings.

Beginning with the hands, if you are right handed, your right hand is considered your active or “giving” hand, and the left your “passive” or “receiving” hand.  If left handed then this is reversed.

Thumb: Wearing a ring on your thumb of your active hand is indicative of asserting your will over others.  On the passive hand, you may be easily led by others.  The thumb may also symbolise wealth, influence, friendship and interaction.

Index finger: If you wear a ring on this finger of the active hand it indicates self-esteem, confidence, power, individuality and leadership.  On the passive hand it could signify an acceptance of the leadership from others.

Middle finger: The middle finger symbolises values, balance, harmony and responsibility. A ring worn on this finger indicates that you take life seriously and know the difference between right and wrong.

Ring finger: The ring finger is definitely the one that carries the most emotional baggage, with wedding symbolism across most cultures and religions.  A ring on this finger is associated with creativity and the ability to teach other people how to be creative and bring out the best in them.

Pinky: On the active hand, it shows that you are a really good negotiator with excellent abilities to communicate and express yourself.  On the passive hand, it shows how much of a fantastic listener you can be with strong intuition.

Now look at your hands and tell us: “What kind of person you are”