Gold is symbolic of love, power, and wealth all over the world.  But look beyond the glitz, the reality is not so glamorous… There are many harmful side effects incorporated into traditional mining methods.  These include pollution to the environment, slavery, child labour, worker exploitation, and land rights violations.

So why Fairtrade gold?

In traditional small-scale gold mines, precious metals are extracted using toxic chemicals such as mercury which can be harmful for human health and to the environment.  But the miners simply can’t afford to use safer processing methods.  This can cause health damage and can contaminate water supplies which can enter the food chain through poisoned fish.  Small-scale gold mining as a result is the largest source of mercury pollution to air and water combined.

Workers in Fairtrade certified gold mines receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price for their gold as well as a Premium to spend on improving their businesses or on community projects.  Buying Fairtrade Gold makes a real difference to the lives of miners, their families, and their communities.

Why recycled gold?

Unlike Fairtrade gold, recycled gold is not mined.  Just like the name suggests, it is made using recycled gold from old jewellery, medical equipment, electronics, scrap metals and giftware.
This process helps reduce the amount of damage done to the land and encourages a sustainable lifestyle.
Jewellery re-modelling is also a great way to recycle gold.  So why not bring us your old jewellery and let us turn them it into an updated desirable piece.

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