Story - Julie Nicaisse Jewellery Designer in London

The Designer

Belgian designer Julie Nicaisse gives life to metals by translating the magic and mystery of unconventional beauty found in nature, and turning it into talismanic adornments amalgamating organic elements, dark elegance, a passion for history, and a love for the planet and admiration for its fauna and flora.

After graduating from Art school in 2000 Julie crossed the channel and left behind her native Belgium in search of new adventures in London.

Following enrolment onto her first jewellery course in 2006, Julie’s craftsmanship ability grew steadily from strength to strength.  She acquired her high level of skill through 8 years’ experience working for a number of renowned jewellers before finally launching her own brand in 2017.

“We design and handcraft each piece of jewellery using ancient traditional techniques to create meaningful eye catching, bold and edgy statement pieces that are designed to perfection and finished to the highest standard of quality.”

What we do

Each creation is sustainably conscious, using eco-friendly production methods and ethical materials such as Fairtrade gold, recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones.

Our empowering clean, and fluid jewellery are designed to be prized and cherished and also then handed-down from one generation to the next, passing on an essence of personality and power.  Our lustrous precious objects are for free spirited individuals with a unique sense of personal style.

As well as creating our signature style collections, we pride ourselves in bespoke work.  It is our passion to work with you to create a truly personal design, a unique symbol that will become part of your life.

Story - Julie Nicaisse Jewellery Designer in London

Since the launch of Julie Nicaisse Jewellery her designs have caught the eye of many, she had her work showcased by The Museum of London, Gill Wing Jewellery Gallery, New Ashgate Gallery and Transport For London.  Her jewellery has also been featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, House of Coco and London Runway.