“Our aim is to run a business that has minimal impact on our environment and set out to respect humans.  Inspired by nature, we are creators of beauty who strongly believe that jewellery should not be a contributing factor to harming the planet or any of its inhabitants.  Here at Julie Nicaisse Jewellery, we are proud to introduce ourselves as a human and eco-conscious jewellery brand.  We make every effort to commit to the use of ethically sought materials and to utilise sustainable production methods from start to finish.  By doing so we hope to inspire others to change their habits to a more sustainable way of life.”


“Using ethically sourced materials makes a real difference on our planet and all its inhabitant”

Registered with the Fairtrade foundation we use materials such as Fairtrade or recycled metal as well as ethically sourced gemstones where possible.  See our metal guide for more info.

“Fantastic custom-made weddings rings, good quality Fairtrade gold.  Would definitely recommend, quick service and easy to deal with.”  Bianca

Studio practice

In our studio we avoid the use of harmful chemicals and prefer natural alternatives instead.  We take steps to keep waist to a minimum using a recycling system for paper, plastic and glass.  All excess metal is recycled and saved for re-use.

Our boxes and packaging are made in England from 100% recycled materials and our stationary is made using FSC certified or recycled materials.

We avoid the use of public transport when possible, opting to walk or cycle in our commute to work, to visit suppliers, or to supply our London stockists.

All our suppliers are based locally within the U.K and all our pieces are handcrafted in our south London studio.

Fighting the “throwaway” culture

Being fed up with the throwaway culture we now live in todays society, were we surround ourselves with meaningless disposable objects and fast fashion items, our jewellery is handmade to stand and last the test of time.

We hope our jewellery will be cherished for life and passed down from one generation to the next, that’s why we offer repair, reconditioning and re-modelling on all our pieces.  We also re-model sentimental jewellery into a new unique creation and give them a second life.  See bespoke for more info.

Ethical Policies by Julie Nicaisse Jewellery Designer in London