You’ve probably heard the word jewellery remodel or jewellery redesign before.  But what is it exactly, and how does this work? 

Jewellery remodelling is where we use your old inherited pieces of jewellery and redesign them into a modern, wearable piece that will be cherished once again.
A remodelled or redesigned piece of jewellery is also a bespoke piece that has been specially designed and made for you.

The metal from your old jewellery can be melted and refashioned into a new design and a gemstone can be reused and set into a new bespoke piece.

What if a gemstone you own is damaged? We work with a trusted lapidary who restores pre-owned gemstones. If you own a chipped gemstone, it might not all be lost, in most cases the stone can be re-cut. Scratched gemstones, can also be re-polished and restored to their original lustre.  Jewellery remodelling is something we are truly passionate about. It is a fantastic and sustainable way of giving a piece of jewellery that holds a sentimental value a new lease of life.  If you would like to discuss a jewellery redesign, you can book a free design consultation.

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For some fresh inspiration, and to view past remodelling work visit the bespoke galleryIf you have any question, or would like to have your jewellery assessed for remodelling suitability, please do not hesitate to contact us.