If you are planning a surprise proposal, choosing the engagement ring is certainly the most complicated task. There are so many things to consider before investing in an engagement ring. Such as the style of the ring, the choice of metal, the shape and colour of the stone (assuming you’re going for a solitaire) and of course the ring size. The ring is meant to be worn for a lifetime and therefore it’s crucial to get it right.

But we believe that choosing a ring should also involve your partner. Don’t we all want to decide and choose what we wear? Often people make the mistake of buying what they like rather than thinking of what their partner would like. And this is not a problem, as soon as you can return or exchange the item. But this is usually not the case with an engagement ring, especially if it has been sized or custom-made especially for you.

However, you don’t want to propose empty-handed!

The solution? Proposing with a placeholder or temporary engagement ring. It will allow you to focus on making the proposal special without having to worry about all the things you should consider before buying an engagement ring.

After the proposal, you and your partner can shop for a ring together or even better, design a ring together using our bespoke service.

Here are our two favourite options, when it comes to proposing without the actual engagement ring:


  • Propose with a stone

We can help you choose a diamond or a coloured stones that we can then put it into a holding mount for you to propose with. The temporary ring setting is made of base metal and holds the gemstone in place with gentle compression. The stone can be released without damage by simply squeezing the shank together. However, this ring is just there for presentation purpose and is not intended for wear, but your partner will be able to try the stone on her/his finger.

After the proposal, you and your partner will be invited to the studio and we can design the ring around the stone together.


  • Propose with our placeholder engagement ring

Beautifully presented in its handcrafted wooden box, our sterling silver placeholder engagement ring is ideal for a surprise proposal. This token is to be offered to your partner as a pledge for an engagement ring when you pop the question. After the proposal, you and your partner can shop for the perfect ring or even better, design a ring together using our bespoke service.  And this keepsake of your engagement can easily be turned into a meaningful pendant to be treasured by your partner.


But, if you really want to propose with a ring, you can always go for a made to order engagement ring. However, we recommend that you do a bit of research to find out your partner’s finger size before you purchase a ring. And if you are unsure about anything, you should ask a family member or a friend for advice before you place an order.

Most rings can be resized after purchase, but not all, so it’s better to get it right the first time. If you need help choosing a ring, please do get in touch with us.