Add a personal touch with a message, a meaningful word, names or a special date engraving on the inside of your new wedding or engagement ring.

Hand engraved in a serif script font, we offer 3 different engraving option: short message (1-5 characters), medium message (1-15 characters), long message (15 + characters)


To order, simply add this to your cart alongside your wedding or engagement ring and write your personal message in the comment box at check out.  Please make sure your spelling is correct, if your message is containing misspelled words or incorrect dates, unfortunately these will also be engraved.

Please note the shank of your ring needs to be a minimum of 2 mm wide for us to be able to add engraving.  For small ring sizes please choose no more than 10 characters.

Please allow an extra 1 to 3 weeks for your ring to be engraved.

If you would like us to use a specific font, capital letters or have your ring engraved on the outside of the shank please contact us for more information.

Choose an option

long message 15 + characters, medium message 5 – 15 characters, short message 1 – 5 characters