Silver & 9ct gold Abyss pearl necklace

Dive into the deep silence of the abyss and let it soothe you…. Be reminded of its magnificent beauty and tranquillity with this sculptural Abyss necklace. Embracing a large lustrous white pearl, this mesmerising necklace is inspired by the magical flora inhabiting the depth of the oceans. Handcrafted in 925-sterling silver left in its raw form, adorned with subtle 9 carat recycled yellow gold beads, this treasure of the abyss is floating between 2 trace chains. The length of this necklace can be adjusted thanks to its 5cm backdrop chain.


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The Treasure of the Abyss collection unveils a secret garden hidden at the bottom of the ocean. Take a deep breath and dive into a place of peace and tranquillity. Explore the beauty and discover the magic inhabiting the magnificent underwater world. Listen to the silence, let it soothe you… Adjustable in 2 length sizes, embracing a lustrous white pearl, the Abyss necklace is handcrafted in oxidised 925-sterling silver adorned with subtle 9 carat recycled yellow gold beads.

This item is hallmarked by the London Assay Office to guarantee the content of the metal, its year of manufacture, and to certify that it has been produced by Julie Nicaisse Jewellery.

  • Dimensions: centre piece 8cm, chains 16.5cm on each side, backdrop chain 5cm, necklace length 40cm/16” to 45cm/18”, pearl approx. 7.5-8 mm
  • Weight: approx. 14g
  • Gemstone: White freshwater pearl approx.7.5-8mm. Quality AB


Pearl care

To clean, gently wipe the surface of your jewellery with a soft cloth dampened in lukewarm water. You can add a bit of mild soap if necessary. Wipe them a second time with a clean damp cloth to remove all the soap.  Finally, very gently dry using a soft cloth and allow to air dry properly.

Avoid direct contact with cosmetics and other chemicals such as cleaning products.

Remove your jewellery when washing your hands or moisturising, gardening, doing cleaning, exercising, showering, bathing or going swimming, especially in chlorinated waters.

Always store your pearl jewellery item back in its original box or pouch after you have worn it to avoid pearls becoming scratched as they are softer than other gemstones.

Weight14 g
Dimensions8 cm

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