With the global outbreak of COVID-19, constant hand-washing and sanitising is a must to stop the spread of the virus and keep in good health.  But just how bad is it for your jewellery and especially for your rings?

Most hand sanitiser contain alcohol, which effectively limits the growth of bacteria but will also dull rings and gemstones lustre.  Alcohol free sanitisers contain harsh chlorine chemicals that can tarnish jewellery.  In both cases frequent use of hand sanitiser will likely cause irreversible damage to your rings.  And regular hand-washing will cause soap build up between gemstones and metal work.

For many of us, our rings are part of us, part of who we are and we almost never take them off.  So how can you stay clean without damaging your rings, when sanitation and hygiene are vital right now?

Our advice is to always remove your rings when washing your hands or applying hand sanitiser. Especially if your rings contain any gemstones.  And wait for your hands to be completely dry before putting your rings back on.

Clean your rings daily by soaking them in warm water (not boiling!) and mild soap or eco-friendly washing-up liquid for 10 minutes.  Soap dissolves the fat membrane (lipid bilayer) of the coronavirus which causes it to die.  Once your rings are sufficiently soaked, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently remove any dirt and build up.  Rinse and then dry with a soft cloth before slipping them back on.

Be careful if any of your rings contain porous gemstones such as Emeralds, Opals, Pearls or Turquoises, and please do not use the cleaning method described above.  Instead consider removing your rings until the pandemic is officially over, as these gemstones cannot be in contact with any chemicals or be left to soak.

Having to constantly wash our hands leaves our skin dry and cracked.  Whilst it’s imperative that we keep our hands clean, it’s also important to take good care of them. Hand creams just like soap will cause build up between gemstones and metal work on your rings.  So, make sure you remove your rings before applying any hand creams or lotions and wait a couple of minutes before slipping your rings back on.

Here are 2 simple recipes that you can make at home, to keep your hands clean and sanitised using natural ingredients:



To make, combine 80 ml of natural Aloe Vera gel and 160 ml rubbing alcohol (or pure ethanol) in a small bowl.  Add 10 drops of Tea Tree essential oil to the mix.  Place the solution in a little bottle and shake it well before use.  Et Voila!

Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera gel both have powerful antibacterial properties and the Aloe Vera gel will keep your hands moisturised.



This moisturising anti-bacterial hand scrub will clean away dead skin and bacteria and leave your skin feeling clean, lovely and soft!

Mix together some fine sea salt (about 1 cup) with some sweet almond oil until it forms a thick paste consistency.  For one cup of sea salt add 10 drops of Tea Tree essential oil and 20 drops of Lavender essential oil.  Place the mix in a glass jar and keep it by your sink.  To use, simply scoop out 1 tbs and rub your hands with it, then rinse and dry.

Keep your hands healthy and your rings in sparkling condition!