Ring size


Find your ring size:

The best and the most accurate way of finding out your ring size it is to visit your local jeweller. However, when shopping for a ring online or perhaps buying a ring for someone else, you do not have the advantage of professional advice.

If you wish to purchase a ring from us online and are unsure about your finger size you can e-mail info@julienicaisse.com to arrange a sizing if you live locally or alternatively we can send you a DIY plastic ring sizer in the mail.

Here are a few things to bear in mind whilst measuring your finger using a DIY method:

  • Make sure you measure your finger at the end of the day when the finger is the largest; do not measure a cold finger as this is when fingers are at their slightest.
  • Ensure that you are measuring the exact finger (and hand) where the ring will be worn.
  • If you are purchasing a wide band, please increase the size by +1 size. Ring seizer are usually made for thin band.
  • Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, it should be snug enough not to fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. This may vary depending on which finger the rings is meant for:

Ring and middle finger:

The knuckle is usually bigger than the base on those fingers, so the ring need to slip quite snug over the knuckle. This is why it is usually a bit more difficult to take a ring on and off those fingers.

Pinky finger:

The ring need to sit as tight as possible and you need to be able to bend your finger.

Index finger:

It is the opposite for the index finger, it is usually a bit fatter at the base, so make sure to size it a bit bigger (about + 1 size), to allow your finger to bend.

Buying a ring as a gift:

  • You can send us an old ring, ensuring that the ring you choose to measure is worn on the exact finger and hand as the new ring. So we can measure it for you.
  • When ordering a ring online, please select “gift – un-sized” ring, those can be send back to us for a free sizing (Note you will be responsible to pay for the postage)
  • E-mail info@julienicaisse.com to receive a DIY plastic ring sizer, use while he/she is deeply asleep.

For international customer see our size chart below:

  • All sizes on this website are given in U.K measurement, to convert your international size to U.K please refer to the chart below.
  • If you are in-between two sizes—such as ‘L’ and ‘M’—your size will be L ½.


  D 41 ½ 2 ¼
  E 42 ¾ 2 ¾
  F 44 ½ 3 ¼
  G 45 ½ 3 ¾
  H 46 ½ 4 ¼
  I 47 ¾ 4 ¾
  J 49 ½ 5 ¼
  K 50 ¼ 5 ½
  L 51 ½ 6
  M 52 ½ 6 ½
  N 54 7
  O 55 ¼ 7 ½
  P 56 ¼ 8
  Q 57 ½ 8 ½
  R 58 ½ 8 ¾
  S 60 ¼ 9 ½
  T 61 ½ 9 ¾
  U 62 ½ 10 ¼
  V 63 ¾ 10 ¾
  W 65 ¼ 11 ¼
  X 66 ¼ 11 ¾
  Y 67 ½ 12 ¼
  Z 68 ¾ 12 ¾


Online ring size ordering:

Please make sure you select the correct ring size when ordering online. Rings ordered in a specific size, can be send back at your own cost for a free adjustment of 2 sizes bigger or smaller. For all other sizes adjustment we will charge £20+postage. Please note that once a ring has been adjusted to your specific size it cannot be exchanged or returned.

Do not hesitate to e-mail info@julienicaisse.com if you require any further advice on finger sizing.