Jewellery Making Course


The jewellery courses run by Julie Nicaisse, organised by Danielle Strepenne from the workshop ‘Créativité’ in Belgium are open to any persons over 18 and offered the possibility of first contact with jewellery-making by experimenting with different techniques to create textures on metals.

stage de bijouterieThe first day, the course starts with a presentation of the different tools used in jewellery-making, and health and safety issues to follow during the use of such tools. Follow with a simple exercise to learn how to cut, drill, polish and finish a sheet of metal. Notably, we used a piercing saw, bow drill, needle files and wet & dry paper.

On the second and third days, the participants have the opportunity to experiment with the following techniques:

  • Hammering: Create textures on the metal through the use of a hammer.
  • Etching: The removal of metal by corrosion with acid.
  • Fusion: Joining metal together by heating at close-to-melting temperature. No solder was used when fusing.

Stage de bijouterieOn the last day, we focus on assembling the pieces and completing them. After viewing different jewellery-assembling techniques, we than make our own findings to assemble and create jewellery that participant will take home with them.

All students receive a programme with the description of all tools used in jewellery-making, the explanation of each technique learned during the course, and a list of useful books and addresses to facilitate further jewellery-making once the course had been completed.

If you are interested to take part in this course or if you are looking for someone to run a jewellery-making course in your company, do not hesitate to contact me for further details.