Julie Nicaisse DesignerJewellery designer and maker based in London, Julie Nicaisse discover her passion for jewellery-making in 2006 after enrolling at Lambeth College in London for a two-year NCFE jewellery course. In 2008, after receiving her certificate from college, she attempts workshops at her local jewellery school. She also take part in different jewellery courses offered by Morley College and City Lit in London. But she is mainly self – taught gaining her skills, through books, experiment and practice.

She then gain experience working for a busy renowned Jewellery manufacturing workshop in the London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. A few years later she is employed by a fast growing international jewellery manufacture company, well known for selling jewellery to celebrities and in particular for collaborating with famous “Rock & Roll” bands. She quickly become the head jeweller and is in charge of the busy workshop. Ever since she finished college, she has been designing and making her own jewellery, running her own jewellery business in her spare time….

 Having previously studied Art & Design at college in her native Belgium, she always enjoyed painting, drawing and craft-making, but choose jewellery-making for the ‘constructional’ aspect, the precision, and the scale corresponding with her creativity.

All her pieces are handcrafted with passion, using traditional techniques so as to create contemporary jewellery.

She produce one-off pieces and offers a bespoke service, where she works on commission. But in 2016 she launched a new line of “ready to wear” jewellery available to purchase online.

The main used materials are sterling silver and 18 ct (white, yellow and red) gold which she often combine with semi-precious and precious stones to add colour and contrast. Sometimes, she like to incorporate found materials, such as shell or glass found on a beach, a piece of wood from the forest, or a stone picked up on her path. To her, a found object can have more value and beauty than an expensive gemstone.

Her inspiration is mainly found in nature’s patterns, shapes, forms, textures and colours. The shapes and colours of plants and especially flowers are reproduced in her designs. Observing fauna and insect movements helps her to create original catches and clasps for example. She get inspired by animal prints to add texture to her pieces. The ‘Art Nouveau’ natural shapes and the Japanese textile flower print both have a strong influence on her designs, but she also find inspiration in everyday life, just by observing the surroundings.